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Frenford Clubs was founded in 1928 when a group of 10-12 boys met every Sunday at the Friends Meeting House on Albert Road, Ilford. Founder, Jack Carter coming out of a Sunday service, notice a group of boys aimlessly kicking a ball around with not much else to do. Inspired, he invited the boy to come in every Sunday, teaching them draughts and chess amongst other things. By 1930, it had grown into a sports and social club providing a varied programme of physical, mental and spiritual activities for boys aged 12 to 18.

In 1940, the Club moved to Cleveland School and use the basement for activities for the next 35 years. In 1941 girls were welcomed into the Club. In 1958 the Duke of Gloucester, the then President of the National Association of Boys Clubs, visited the Club to mark 30 years of outstanding effort in the field of youth work in Ilford.

Jack Carter remarked at the time:

"My horizons have been widened, my patience increased and my spiritual life depended by my experience. What of the future? Having come so far, my sincerest prayer is to see Frenford established in its own premises on a firm financial basis". 

In 1975 the club moved to Cricklefields, Seven Kings and in 1995 Jack Carter was thrilled to sign an agreement with the London Borough of Redbridge to lease a 19-acre sports ground at Oakfield, Barkingside. This site opened in 1998 as the Jack Carter Pavilion. Frenford's now had two bases in the borough.

In 2010 the Club moved again to this brand new purpose built club designed by an architect with club members input. The Jack Carter Centre on The Drive. The site at Cricklefield was demolished to make room for a new academy catering for the growing number of young people in the borough.

Jack's original vision of a club house of our own and a firm financial base have all been realised.



Irfan Shah BEM

Daniel Oliver

Sadia Kayani
Neal Akhtar


Teddie Barnes

Louis Andreou

Mariam Iqbal

Zaina Alavi


Daniel Adam

Jayden Miller

Shamsher Raja


Martin Solder

Graham Sandy ESQ, MBE

Nicolas Hurst ESQ

Mukhtar Shaikh

Kamlesh Vaghela

Nilesh Vaghela

Richard Firmstone

Nilima Akhtar

Rashmita Ravalia

Lennox Skeete

Dr Waqqas Naqvi

Irfan Shah


Nicholas Hurst ESQ

Martin Solder ESQ

Dr Waqqas Naqvi

R F Brown ESQ

Graham Sandy ESQ, MBE

R Fitzjohn ESQ

David Pike ESQ

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