Frenford Music Studio

studioFrenford Studios established in October 2010. Originally built for the youth in the local community in Redbridge to display and publicise the local talent.

The Studio is equipped with the latest industry standard software and applications. It is also managed by two qualified sound engineers, who will be present at your sessions.


We also run community projects, as well as providing cheap studio time for the youth in our local community

Under 21’s – £5 for the first hour (Once a week)

Under 16’s – £2.50 for the first hour (Once a week)

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We are now hiring out to the local public. Book today!
Contact us on 02085180992, 07491 307480 or


Standard hire: £35 per hour (with in house sound engineer)


Studio Services


Mixing is basically tinkering with everything you have recorded to complete your songs. You’ll do things like drop in effects, adjust fader, EQ your tracks and so on. Think of mixing as putting the puzzle together. You’re putting together the parts of what you have recorded; making sure everything hangs together right, and putting some finishing touches on things. When you’re done mixing your songs, you should please with the way the song sounds and feel confident that you don’t need to add anything musically.


When you’ve finished your mixes and you’re ready to press them up, either as a short run of CDR copies or as finished albums, then you will need to get them mastered.

Mastering will boost all the frequencies and apply some sophisticated compression which will make your stuff sound much louder, it will also normalise and optimise the EQ so everything sounds as clear and punchy.


Specialist services

Voice over recording

Voice over recording to picture

Sound design/background music

Custom sfx

Music recording/production/original

Audio restoration


For information on prices and other services we provide please email


Studio Equipment list

Onyx 820i premium fire wire mixer and audio interface

Yamaha HS80 studio monitors

Apple Mac Pro

SE electronic Sex1 Mic

SE electronic SE 2000 condenser mic


Acoustically treated Mic booth and mixing room


Software plugins

All Waves plugins