Meet Team YC

Frenford YC


Leanne Mohamad – Chairwomen

Lemar Mohamad – Jack Petchey Achievement awards coordinator

Naihmah Hussain – Secretary

Hi, my names Naimah Hussain and I am 15 years old. I part take in the secretary role for the youth committee. The youth committee had been a particularly appealing group to join, as throughout the past 2 years I have been participating in Frenfords activities and had thoroughly enjoyed them! The staff and other members were very friendly and welcoming that I had began to find a sense of companionship and belonging! Hence I am eager to attract more young people to the club and advertise the amazing opportunities that Frenford has to offer, also allowing them to find themselves indulged in fun new things.Furthermore, I’d like to have an input in Frenford’s future developments and continue on with them as a young adult.


Sajeeda Hussain – Jack Petchey Achievement awards coordinator

Syeda Islam – Vice Chairwomen


I joined the Frenford youth committee because I love meeting new people and socialising with them. This builds my confidence as it allows people to open up to me, and for me to help them. Furthermore, I enjoy coming to Frenford and being a part of the community. Everyone at Frenford’s are friendly towards each other and it is the best place to make new friends. I want to help the youth club by spreading awareness and it’s a great opportunity for me to communicate with others and sharing my ideas to improve the club.

Sara Kiani – Social Media & Marketing